10 days out: Hyperventilating

I’m at that moment in moving where all the official stuff is done, and now I’m just whittling my time down by packing. And un-packing. And re-packing. And making lists. And throwing those lists out and making new lists. Adjusting my budgets after my going away party. Having heart attacks thinking of receiving my last pay check soon. Making the most of American TV and food. And, having last minute hang outs with friends.

In June, I was filling my calendar with important dates, and as I looked at a relatively blank August, I figured it would be the longest month possible. I assumed I would have my last day of work early on, and then have a week to see my friends in Virginia, a week to see my friends in Baltimore, a week to just hang out with my family, and then a week with friends in Los Angeles before flying out. 5 weeks is a long time, right?

Well, it was a long time. Until the month started. And I realized that 5 weeks is an incredibly short time. Between leaving work, parties, visiting family, visiting friends, house sitting gigs, and a drastically underestimated room to pack, things have been chaotic. My anxiety is at an all time high, and I haven’t finished a meal in 3 weeks. And I’ve been PMSing like a monster, so the littlest things have either sent me off ugly crying or just crawling under the covers for a nap.

Suddenly, I only have 3 days before I leave for my week in Los Angeles. After that, 7 days until I see the love of my life again. I’ve been walking through these past few weeks taking one step that’s too excited to function, and another step that’s scared/sad/nervous/crippled about leaving my collection of boots in storage. It’s overwhelming, yes. Trying to prepare and anticipate everything you need for a move is a daunting task anytime you move. But, every time I get a message from Joel saying, “I can’t wait for you to come home,” I melt. And I know that all the anxiety and frustration and unbridled excitement and missed meals are worth it.

Bring it on, move!

Now, let’s just hope that I can successfully fit what’s left of my closet into two 50 lb suitcases.


2 thoughts on “10 days out: Hyperventilating

  1. Hi, I’ve been stalking, I mean following, your blog for a while. I just want to wish you the best !! When I moved to the States, I’m from Mexico City, I was super excited about all the awesome places I could visit, different food to try. It’s a little scary, no doubt, but you have someone, who is anxious/happy/can hardly wait to have new adventures with you.Just think all the good things waiting for you. Good Luck!!

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