It’s been a while – yet again!

I blame it on the heat, and that it’s literally been too hot to use my laptop. Seriously. It feels like my hands sweat when I type. But, that could also be because I don’t have air conditioning* and EVERYTHING makes me sweat. I’m an animal.

an animal, I tell you.
an animal, I tell you.

So, how’s everyone going? We’ve been having a pretty good month, even if it has been sweaty. Here’s a break down.

  • Work: I went back to work after my glorious 2 week Christmas break, and it was a bit slow at first, but I’ve been handed a list of new responsibilities that are slowly coming into play. So now there’s a good chance my contract will be extended, which is amazing. And I was offered some uber long distance tele-work for my old job back in the States, which is uber amazing for our savings account. Immigrating is expensive, guys.
  • Visas: We started the application process for my Partner visa. No big deal. Just 26 pages of questions, 4 essays on aspects of our relationship, 2 Australian witness statements, a medical exam, and possibly an FBI background check. Oh, and a few thousand dollars application fee. And it takes between 12 and 15 months to process. BUT, once it’s approved (fingers crossed!) I can work anywhere for up to 5 years, I get Medicare, and after 2 years, I’m eligible for permanent residency – which means no visa nonsense for me again! So we really, really, need this to happen.
  • Resolutions: I’m doing well! I’ve designed a work out plan (that I’ve only done once so far, ha. baby steps); I’m planning my outfits better and clearing out my closet; I’ve almost read two books; I’m making better food choices and I’m drinking way more water than I usually do.

    The water thing is the most surprising of all. I try to drink at least two liters (or 32 ounces) a day, and I can already see results. I have fewer stomach issues. I’m less fatigued (not totally alert, but I’m not dying for a nap at work). My skin is clearer. I’m satisfied with smaller portions of food. And I burn calories when I walk to the bathroom to pee every 20 minutes. So, yeah, science is right: Water is good stuff.

    I need to get better about fitness, though. I’m not aiming for SKINNY ZOMG, but I’d like to walk up the steps to our apartment without getting winded. And I’d like to lose the 6 pack of chub. And maybe be strong enough to fight a bear. You know, the usual.

    Oh, and writing. I’m need to do that more. Whether it’s blogging or free writing or catching up through email, I need to do it more.

  • Beach: Joel and I have hit the beach almost every Saturday. And I really love it! Now, I can get into the water without a panic attack, and even touch the rocks and grass and things with my feet. I snorkled for about .5 seconds, and I swam from the middle of Clovelley to the shore (well, swam most of it. Joel carried me through the weedy parts). No, I haven’t seen any sharks–although one made the papers a couple weeks ago for being a real dick to a dolphin.

    Such beach. Such bikini discomfort.
  • Little guests: Skinks! These tiny little guys run into our apartment every now and then. It’s the cutest thing. Way cuter than a huntsman or a giant roach. /shutter
    What I saw as I walked by the balcony door
    For scale, that dark dot above the skink, and to the left of the rail shadow, is a house fly.
    Such a little guy!
    Such a little guy!

    Joel found this little guy in our bedroom. Heeeey, ladies.
    Joel found this little guy in our bedroom. Also, ew, need to vacuum.
  • Camera fun: Joel is teaching me how to use my sweet Tobias Rexington, and soon he’ll help me learn my Grampa’s old film Nikon. I can’t wait to take a roll and process it myself. It’s quite a process and I’m psyched to learn it. Expect some fun photo posts soon!

    ohhh, I fell in love with his 35 mm lens.
    ohhh, I fell in love with his 35 mm lens.
  • Homesick: I have a few friends who are going through some sad and difficult times right now, and it sucks to not be there for them. I’m pretty sure this is the hardest thing about living away from all of them.
  • Clouds and Sunsets: Nature boners all around, people.
    DSCF1124 DSCF1075
  • Life: Really sweaty, but really sweet. Very happy with it.


Tomorrow is Australia Day, and it’s a public holiday, so we get the day off! And it’s supposed to be cold and rainy. Considering that I’ve spent the whole day today as clothes-less as possible and sitting between two fans, I’m praying for the cold and rain.

Til next time, friends!

*I promise that one day I’ll have a post that doesn’t mention sweating or my bitching about the lack of air conditioning. I’m traumatized, ok?

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