There are many reasons why I love Australia. And a 4 day weekend for Easter is just one of them.

I’ve been off since 2 PM on Thursday, and now it’s 11:30 AM on Monday and I’m just hanging out. Joel had 3 days off as well, which was a first, so I had a to-do list about a mile long of stuff for us to get done. But yeah, I accomplished nothing. And that’s basically perfect. We saw friends and I went to the Royal Easter show, but mostly we’ve ordered pizza, blown off chores, watched almost all the Twilight movies (I finally indoctrinated Joel to my most guilty pleasure–he suppressed the urge to vomit through each one), took in too much bad TV, drank all the coffee, and haven’t really gotten out of our sweat pants. Even the weather has cooperated, with grey, cold, rainy days on Friday and Saturday, and warm sunny laundry drying, beers on the patio weather yesterday and today. Oh, and Hot Cross Buns, also known as Hot Cross Yums. I could eat them every day.

But, let’s get back to the Royal Easter Show. The Easter Show happens every year, and it’s essentially a celebration of Australia’s agriculture industry. There are animal competitions, flower, craft and art shows, food displays, carnival rides, concerts, fried foods and almost anything else you could think of. It’s held at Sydney Olympic Park, and it it’s a huge deal. Imagine a State Fair and a 4-H Festival combined and exploded, and you’d have the Royal Easter Show. And at the Easter show, you can get “Show Bags”, which are hellla mega swag bags from every vendor. Too bad they’re not free, though.

Every Australian kid has been dragged through the Easter show at least once in their lives. When we first saw the commercial for the show, Joel shook his head and said No. And I could understand that. I’m not down for State Fairs or Carnivals, myself. because I hate being around crowds in stinky areas when it’s hot. But I am down to pet a cow or a pig, and watch a horse show under most conditions. So when Joel’s aunt offered me a free ticket to go with her and her cousins and their small children, I was all over it.

I had an great time! It was raining and cold, so only half the crowds were there, which was fantastic. It was a little field trip for my inner farm girl, and I’m really happy I got to go.

photo 1

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But, the best part of the day had to be my souvenir:

T-Rex hand puppet, oh yes.
Giant T-Rex hand puppet, oh yes.

I hope everyone has had a fun, beautiful Easter!

I’m off to maybe take a few things off my to-do list… or I might walk down to the store and get more hot cross yums. Mmm.

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