Heeeey Sunday

It’s been so quiet today.

I had a quick phone chat with my sister, I did the washing, I bought milk, I took a shower, I had a Skype date with my friend Daron, and I started my budget for the next couple months.


But seriously. It’s really good here. There are few things I love more than a good, quiet Sunday. And today is especially quiet because Joel and I cleaned our apartment within an inch of its life yesterday, so I didn’t really have chores to do. I don’t even have to start dinner soon, because we are still chipping away at the red beans and rice I made on Thursday.

I’m just sitting here watching the sun set and cast light through our kitchen.

photo 2(1)and enjoying the company of our new kitchen buddy:

photo 3
RARRRR! Yes, he is leaning against a bottle. Maybe he’s an alcoholic. Or maybe he’s a bit top heavy and his hollow tail doesn’t balance him out. His life, his choice.

I love these days.

One of my greatest feelings is when I look around and think, “I love my life.” Even when all the looming uncertainty and separation from my friends and family makes it hard. Even when I blow off my to-do list for the second weekend in a row. I love it here. I love the life we are working toward. And I’ve never been happier.

photo 1(1)Nope, no real point to this post. I’m just feeling gushy.

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