Monday: a recap

Things that weren’t awesome:

  • Our office is moving from our beautiful, palatial office to the crowded back building of a corporate business park. The fact that I look out onto a cemetery is quite fitting for how I feel about this
  • Crowded stores
  • The fact that 350*F converts to like 176.89*C and not just 175*
  • Small ovens and uneven baking
  • Bed is covered in laundry
  • Joel left for a trip and there are creepy noises everywhere and I can’t sleep and I’m sad without him
  • Also really miss my pets and my nieces/nephews. Basically miss having tiny monsters.

Things that were awesome:

  • First day at work on new allergy regime and I didn’t sneeze or have a blocked nose. Am ecstatic.
  • I only have to look at the cemetery for 5 weeks
  • I will get a lot of reading done on my new 45 minute train commute
  • New kitchen supplies
  • Ate rice and cashews with BBQ sauce for dinner. Am redneck. Do not care.
  • Autumn
  • Baking project tackled
  • At least the laundry is clean
  • My favorite’s birthday is tomorrow
  • Much needed impromptu 90 minute phone date with my mom. Much needed.

That’s 7 to 10. The awesome’s have it.

Thanks, Monday!

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