Monday, Rainy, Monday

Is there anything better than a hot shower after you’ve been soaked by cold rain? I don’t think so.

It’s been raining and blustery since I woke up at 5:30 AM (thank you, office move and new 40 minute longer commute), which is perfect for me. I didn’t even mind so much when I was crossing the intersection and my umbrella blew inside out and my groceries got rained on and I stepped in a puddle. I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m still euphoric that it’s autumn and I can wear 2 layers and still feel chilly. Even if it’s been 2 hours and my hair is still damp. And I’ll probably feel this way until I wake up one day and I can feel frost on the windows… But even then, I’m sure I’ll remember the summer days when I would wake up with a tissue in my hand, dabbing the sweat off my face (true story, it happened more than once!), and I’ll think “this isn’t so bad.”

Life at my new office is awkward, as to be expected with any new merge. It’s like when the Stamford branch came to Scranton. Except we’re Scranton and the new office is Stamford and the building is full of Karen’s and Josh’s and it’s not nearly as fun anymore.  Ah well.

Office life.

Our weekend was crazy productive. I went on an organization tear and went  on a ruthless purge. We also started our gallery wall, which I’m really excited to finish this week. We drank 800 cups of coffee, started and finished Better Call Saul, and ate delicious — and homemade — dinners. Including Waygu beef cheeseburgers and chili-hot-dog-tater tot party. We might have gained a few pounds and our hearts are pumping a little slower today, but damn. Totes worth it.


We started American Horror Story from the first season because neither of us have finished a full season, and we’re almost done with the first season. It’s so good! Good campy cold weather viewing.

That’s about it for us today… It’s cold, and my new early bird wake up time means I’m off to bed. It kinda sucks that I’m back to a “leave the house at 6:45 AM and get back at 6:30 PM” routine. But, I’m lucky to have a job, and at least I’m not driving through it. Oh man. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for public transportation.

One thought on “Monday, Rainy, Monday

  1. I start an hour earlier than you do – Henry joins me at 5.45 and he is raring to go! Every day I say I’m going to get up earlier and everyday. I’m still snoozing when that knock hits my door!!

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