Audrey vs. Australia

Joel: it’s a town in Queensland.

Me:  How is it spelled? Like, C-A-N-N-E-S?

Joel: No, it’s–

Me: C-A-N–

Joel: C-A-I-R-N-S.

Me: Really?

Joel: Yeah. What?

Me: how is C-A-I-R-N-S pronounced like “cans”? There’s an A-I-R in there. 

Joel: Yeah, like CAAAAIRNS.

Me: that still doesn’t sound like cans. 

Cairns, Queensland, your gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

I mean, I’m from the Land of faux-French-dropped-letters-and-terrible-pronounciation, and even I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

Then, moments later, we had a debate on how to pronounce Sioux. And I conceded.

Oh language. You are weird.

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