, or What I Did on my Unemployment Vacation

Hello, internet!

As you can see, I’ve followed my post-tastic month of April with exactly 3 (now 4, if I get this posted before tomorrow) posts. I’m going to blame it on equal parts Other Things Happening That Were More Important and X-Files marathons almost every night. It’s been a very Muldery-May.

With blame being cast, let’s catch you up!

  • Employment. At the beginning of May, I found myself with only 4 weeks left of work on my contract. Wahhh. My migration lawyer gave me the awesome news that not only can I work while I’m on my bridging visa, but I can work for up to 5 years, because I get all the rights of my anticipated visa while I’m waiting for it. Halle-freaking-leuigha. I was terrified that, as I originally thought, I wouldn’t legally be able to work while my partnership visa was processed. So I sent out resumes to actual career jobs, not just temporary gigs. Woo!
    On Monday the 11th, I started sending out resumes. By Tuesday, I was texting friends and telling them that I was a failure and hated being an adult and maybe I should just give up–because that’s exactly what I’m like 24 hours into job hunting. By Thursday, I had an interview. By the following Tuesday, I had a second interview. By that Thursday, I hadn’t heard back on my second interview, but I had an interview with a different company, who hired me 15 minutes after the interview. SCORE! By Friday, I a competing offer from the first company who hired me. And I found myself at a familiar cross roads: Do I take the challenging job at a global office with creative work and connections, or do I take an easier data entry job with no creative work and no connections at a fun, cool office? After a mild panic attack, I chose the challenging, creative job.So that was a fun, short way into a job! I start tomorrow, and I’m only a tiny bit anxious. And by anxious, I mean, I’ve scrubbed my apartment from tip to toe and I’ve been obsessing over what to wear on my first day for the last 5 days. The usual.
  • Zine Fair. The Sydney Writer’s Festival had their annual Zine Fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and this year Joel and his friend Aaron had a table to sell their zines and photos. They sold heaps of their zines, Joel sold a few of his dark room prints, they struck the interest of a major book store chain, and Joel was photographed for a local paper. I was seriously just a beaming ball of pride over him all weekend. For serious!
    Public Style, representing
    Publicstyle, representing
    Damn paparazzi.
    Damn paparazzi.

    ow owww
    ow owww
  • Anniversary. On the 22nd, Joel and I celebrated 2 fantastic years together. He bought me a hilarious zine called Vonnecats, which was cat drawings paired with Kurt Vonnegut quotes, and I got him a succulent to add to his collection. Then we ordered in pizza and watched more X-Files.
    Anniversary spoils!
    Anniversary spoils

    It’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 years, as we’ve done so much already, and it feels like I’ve known him all my life. And it’s hard to remember another time when I’ve been consecutively happy for 2 years straight. Probably before puberty, maybe? I wake up thankful every morning, and I try very hard not to take a moment of him for granted. I adore him with every atom of my very being. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have met him.

  • Unemployment vacation. I had a week between my old job concluding and my new job starting, which meant a week long stay-cation, which didn’t come a moment too soon. Basically, all I’ve done is
    • catch up on Skypes

      Ohhh my sibling's kids. They're a circus.
      Ohhh my sibling’s kids. They’re a circus.
    • knitting and Downton Abbey starting from Season 1, Episode 1. Goin’ #FullGrandma on this vacay

      It's about 5x longer than this now!
      It’s about 5x longer than this now!
    • running into debit card minimums at every store I went to. Basically, this week I learned that stores won’t post when they have a minimum, and that I should always keep $5 on me at all times.
    • couch re-covering. I finally made our couch look like an adult couch again!
      Hobo Couch, featuring Ham Bag pillow
      Couch, before
      It's not exactly perfect, but I'm so happy to see a solid couch again.
      Couch After: It’s not exactly perfect, but I’m so happy to see a solid, grown up couch again.

      Our pillows will never grow up, though.
      Our pillows will never grow up, though.
    • Baking all the cookies that ever were. I’ve stumbled upon a recipe that makes the most soft baked, buttery, salty, crunchy edged cookies ever in the world. I’ve baked so many batches that I have now made myself promise to not buy bulk butter so I won’t be tempted to bake more and balloon 800 lbs.
    • playing with my new coffee maker. Yay!

    • makin’ meatloaf and bolognese

      Veggies for daaayss
      Veggies for daaayss
    • cleaning. See: anxiety.It’s been hard to face the fact that I’m going back to work tomorrow. I think I’ve found my calling, which is cleaning, cooking, and sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Maybe I can add that to my lists of marketable skills.
  • Reading. I’ve been re-reading It by Steven King, because lately all the books I’ve read have been “written” by people staring on MTV reality shows. I was scrolling through my kindle, saw it, read one page, and the next thing I knew, I was reading 15 pages. I infamously read It when I was in 4th grade (because my mom said I couldn’t), and it didn’t scare me much. What scared me was picturing Tim Curry as Pennywise as I read.

    But it makes me wonder, if I hadn’t seen the movie It before I read the book, would the book scare me? Tim Curry traumatized me as a kid. And he’s really the only awesome thing in an otherwise shitty movie.

  • Meal Planning. We slipped a bit in the last two weeks, but we’ve been good about scrounging up meals and staying within a food budget at the grocery store. We used two more emergency fast food days than we planned, but overall, I don’t think we did too shabby for the first time around. And we’ve stumbled on some good yum meals:
    Better Than Olive Garden's Chicken Scampi (I used a copykat recipe that gave me the most badass way to bread and fry chicken. So much yum.)
    Better Than Olive Garden’s Chicken Scampi (I used a copykat recipe that gave me the most badass way to bread and fry chicken. So much yum.)
    Sage butter fried pork tenderloin, broccoli, and sweet potato with mint parsley couscous
    Sage butter fried pork tenderloin, broccoli, and sweet potato with mint parsley couscous

    Lemon and herb roast chicken, garlic mash, salad noms
    Lemon and herb roast chicken, garlic mash, salad noms
  • Sunsets. In case you were wondering, they’re still awesome.


That about covers May. It does seem like the month flew by in commuting, dinner cooking, and waiting for laundry to dry, because the cold weather is great, but it sucks for those of us without electric dryers. And with that, I’m off to watch more X-Files (mostly because Joel can’t sit through Downton Abbey, even though I just started season 4 and it’s getting really, really good), and worry more about my first day tomorrow.

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