– Goodbye July!

Wow, August! Holy crap.

thank you, July, for being heads above the suck fest of June.

This month, the apartment stayed clean, we stayed healthy, my visa was lodged, work improved, Joel got more studio time, and we were better with staying in and cooking – like, we only ate dinner out twice. I might have realized this after we ordered pizza last night, but hey. July was good. It felt like a good calibration after June. And maybe August will be more awesome.

The weather has been amazing this weekend! Sunny and warm, but not too warm. The windows have been open and I wore shorts all day today. It’s making me think about the upcoming summer, and how I’m going to do things differently this summer. For one, I (fingers crossed) won’t be worried about getting a permanent job; 2) I won’t be in my early adjustment phase; 3) I now know how to get to the beach; 4) I know how to dress for the summers here, which is half the battle.

Tomorrow will mark the start of my 11th month in Sydney. At this point last year, I was on a badass vacation with my mom and her girlfriends (seriously, it was the best time) in Savannah, Georgia. I knew, as soon as I got home, it was going to be a shit storm of packing and feelings and trying to cram in as much time as I could with everyone while still taking care of myself, my things, and my time with Joel. Oh, and I was planning a giant birthday party, house sitting an hour away, and my cousins were visiting. It was a very hectic month. But, it all came to pass, as it always does. And before I knew it, Daron was dropping me off at LAX. And now it’s almost been a year. Time really does fly.

Oh, and I turn 31 in 11 days. And as my grey hairs and my gynecologist like to remind me, I’m not getting any younger.

Here’s hoping for a great month!

throw back love <3
throw back love ❤

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