Night of a Thousand Netflix

“Alright, Joel has a late night at work – time to get down on all the Netflix he’s not interested in. Yes, it’s time to watch Beasts of No Nation!”

25 mins later: Shit is way too real. Terrifyingly way too real. It’s reminding me of all those articles of selective outrage and white privilege that are telling me I’m a terrible person for not posting all over social media about how outraged I am over every human atrocity. Feeling super guilty because my hard day at work included “not sure if I should respond to this person on Instagram, or if my boss will” as I watch this child’s village be torn apart by rebels. Can’t handle. Back to browse.

Something mindless – hey, It’s Complicated! 

10 mins later: This is the exact opposite of child soldiers in Africa. Feel more guilty that I stopped watching the movie on child soldiers in Africa to watch Meryl Streep make plans to build an addition on her Santa Barbara mansion and book a plastic surgery for a wrinkly eye lid and sleep with rich white men. Remember how obsessed mom is with Streep’s character’s kitchen. Miss mom. Feel more guilty because I wasn’t separated from my mom when my village was being torn apart by rebels. Can’t handle watching rich white people when there is a war torn country in my Netflix que. Back to browse.

Something independent… oh hey, 6 Years
20 mins in: I don’t get young people in relationships anymore. Back to browse.

What’s in the recommendations?
A Teacher 
why is has this movie been started already?
Don’t make it past the opening credits – back to browse.

Argo – It’s good, I’ve seen it before, but it might be too real. We’ll see.
20 mins in: still watching. 40 mins in: invested.
I guess sometimes you just need a dose of Affleck*.

*file under things I never thought I’d say. Ever.

4 thoughts on “Night of a Thousand Netflix

  1. OMG Ben Affleck with his shirt off??? Bound to make anyone feel better. And Meryl Streep has a lovely kitchen!! Try not to have too many feels, honey. It’s going to be okay. Now I just need to get back to the DVR – there’s a very special Grey’s Anatomy coming on. I think it has something to do with Denny!

  2. Social media is ridiculous these days on these articles about how one should feel or what one should take offense to, I try not to pay them any attention. The kitchen in It’s complicated was spectacular, I must say and Argo was surprisingly a good movie.

    1. The articles get out of hand. I understand what they’re trying to do, which is open eyes to what’s happening around the world, but most of them come off as judgey instead of educational :/

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