Uh, What?

I had one of those fun “stark realization that I’m getting older” moments at work.

Well, I work for a children’s company, so that happens often – but today’s was a bit special.

We released a dress named after “Belle” in Beauty and the Beast. As I was writing copy for it, I had this sudden thought:

The moms who buy this dress probably saw Beauty and the Beast. At the movies. When they were kids. And now they have kids. That are old enough to wear this dress. Based off a character they may have dressed as for Halloween in 1995. And their kids are probably going to be like “who’s Belle?” even though Belle was the first thing I thought of when I saw the dress – before I even knew the name.

Also, 1995 was 21 years ago.

I can say “that was like 20 years ago.” and I’m referring to my time as a tween.

I’m one with the parents now. In fact, all my little punk friends are the parents. We’re the ones in our 30’s making references that teenagers and tweens only kinda get. Kids born in the 1990’s are getting married and having kids and it’s not shocking because they’re actually old enough to have kids.

Feels old, man.





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