Home Sweet Home


I’m on limited bandwidth (literally and figuratively), so I can’t give you a HUGE update on how the move went and how AWESOME our new place is and about all the STUFF that’s happened and how BUSY this year has been already and how things are pretty RAD right now. Being on timed internet until next week sucks (ugh, it’s like I’m back in 1997), and I don’t have a job where I can slack off enough to blog on the clock anymore (woops) so I just don’t have the time. Waaah.

But I did want to share a couple of sneaky snaps of the new place. Because I’m just in love with it. We’re about 99% unpacked and still getting things adjusted, but it’s still awesome.


Did we lose half the space of our old place? Yes.

Did we have to sell our washing machine for 1/4 of it’s worth because we had to get rid of it in 24 hours because it wouldn’t fit in the new place? Yes.

Did we get closer to work and to literally everything? Yes.

Did we get air conditioning? No. But we’re on the middle floor and surrounded by shade, versus being IN THE SUN and on the top floor. It’s much less like living in a tupperware container here.

Did we get an awesome covered balcony space big enough to hold barbeques? Yes.

Did we get a much more awesome looking place that makes us both feel like we have a home? YEAH WE DID.


Also, did we get a new couch that doesn’t rip and break whenever we sit on it? Yes. Big fat yes.

Did I get a shopping spree at Ikea? yisssssss (damn, I love the Swedes)


So yes, lots to chat about, next week when our internet is finally hooked up. Apparently it takes about a month to turn off/turn on connections here, not 24 hours, like in the States (advantage: ‘Merrrica).

We’re having a good time so far. Even if I do think this place is a bit haunted, and even if we’re using a laundromat until next month. And even if the internet isn’t working yet (I miss Skyping and Netflix and Teen Mom like the desserts miss the rain).

Check out my awkward awesome arm across the belly placement. No, I’m not pregnant – except with fatty fat doughnuts.

Til next time, when we have better internet.


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