So long, March

It’s the last day of March – get out of town!

Part of me feels like this has been the longest three months of my life, and another part of me can’t believe it’ll be April tomorrow.

Our four day weekend was, in a word: fat. And in two words fat, sick. All last week my allergies had been awful – giant sneezes every two minutes, coughing, fuzzy head, sore throat, all the good stuff. And of course, I woke up on the first day of the weekend at 4:30 AM, basically unable to breathe and freaking out over a nightmare I had about an unfinished work project. So I decided to make the most of it – I made tea, swallowed a cocktail of decongestants and allergy meds, and read some Cormac McCarthy.

Just some light weekend reading.

The rest of the weekend was spent brunching with family, eating some amazing dinners (and maybe some amazing take out pizza), so many hot cross buns, and possibly our weight in chocolate eggs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.55.35 PM.png
Jessie wanted to help carve the roast beast
Joel made katsu curry and miso soup – aka my new most favourite meal.

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging in sweatpants. And it was everything I needed it to be and more – lots of reading, lots of movies, lot of figuring out the basics of Illustrator –

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.59.32 PM

Oh, and I went ruthless with another closet purge – but more on that later. On Sunday night, I finally convinced Joel to give Game of Thrones a shot. So we spent Monday finishing the first season. Now we’re 2/3 of the way through the second season. With courage and determination, I’m sure we can watch the next 3 seasons before April 24.

So yeah. Not a whole lot to report. I didn’t get to skype with anyone back home (see: sick), but I did get in a lot of reflecting and talking to Joel about getting a grip on my nerves and making some kind of balance in my life. Basically, it’s just going to take some hard work for a while to get into a routine that lets me work, lets me write, lets me live, and lets me take care of myself, and lets me do it successfully. But it can be done. Sheeeit. I’m not the first person who’s ever had to multi-task.

There’s currently 3 weeks of laundry to take to the laundromat, a story to revise, a monthly budget to make, work to prepare, writer’s groups to research, and most importantly – three seasons of Game of Thrones to watch.

Bring it, April.


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