Wham’s Make It Big was one of the vinyl’s in my sister’s and my rotation. That and Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl, The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Mili Vanili’s Girl You Know it’s True, and Sports by Huey Lewis and The News (can you feel the early 90’s wash over you?)I have this vague memory of looking at the George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley and wondering if they were boyfriends – even though I wasn’t sure what that meant. I was 7.

One of my fave relics from childhood is a mix tape my mom made with “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go,” featuring my then 12 year old brother Shayne recording over George Michael, to sing various falsetto bits.

My fave memory from my sister’s wedding is dancing to that song with my siblings.

Faith, Careless Whisper on the Dance Floor, Freedom have all been karaoke anthems on the ridiculous nights that I don’t remember participating in.

The best thing I learned in college was this DJ Earworm Geroge Michael/Scissor Sisters/The Beatles/Aretha Franklin mashup:

Thanks for the faves, George.

One thought on “Wham!

  1. When we lived in Oklahoma we used to cram the ol VW van full of kids and go places singing Careless Whisper at the tops of our lungs……

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