2016 – in review


What a year. I’m still kinda shocked that it’s over, because it feels like it’s January and we’re still getting ready to move. But for a year that gave me heaps of challenges, shocks (Trump?!) and periods of ridiculous struggle, there were so many good things that happened, and I’m thankful for the place this year has brought me to: more assertive, more honest, and *fingers crossed* more focused on what I need. To recap, 2016 highlights –

  • We Moved to a new, beautiful little place
  • I got my visa! Also got Medicare and my Australian driver’s license. Feeling very Australian.
  • We cooked about 600 awesome meals, pies, cookies
  • I lost the first 6 months of the year to severe anxiety
  • I admitted defeat against myself, quit my job, started therapy
  • Joel continued kicking ass, all around
  • We celebrated an amazing Friendsgiving, and hosted Christmas
  • There were lots of quality hang times with friends, old and new

Here’s to a beautiful 2017, everyone. I’m not sure what the next 12 months will bring, but I’m hoping for stability, fun, and maybe fewer doughnuts. Maaaaybe.

Let’s hope we can all keep our respective shits together.

Happy New Year!!


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