Hodge Podge – Wednesday

We had a hot one today, folks – so hot that I went to work simply so I could have air conditioning (that’s serious) even though I really wanted to stay home and smother myself in aloe (my sunburn still really, really hurts).

Ouch. See also my thighs, my arms, my back, my will to live

I tried to see a movie after work so I could escape the smog trap that would be our apartment, but nothing good was playing until late night, which would defeat the purpose of escaping the heat in a theatre. And it’s too expensive to see a shitty movie just for the a/c (even I have limits, I guess).

Thankfully it wasn’t hot AND humid, and when I got home this afternoon it wasn’t bad at all. I opened the windows in the bedroom and went to smother myself in aloe. An hour later, the wind picked up something fierce, bringing in the blessed cold front that is supposedly going to make it rain all weekend. Then I heard something crash. I thought it was something outside, so I didn’t investigate (also investigating a crash noise is one the best ways to get attacked by a serial killer). When I finally wondered into the bedroom, both bedroom lamps and nearly everything on our bedside tables had been knocked to the ground.

that’s ok, we didn’t need those lamps anyway.

Nothing was broken, thankfully, but I was all damn, the windows were barely even open. 

I walked out of the bedroom and almost immediately stepped on a giant cockroach that was running across the floor. I HATE cockroaches. We live in the city, so they’re unavoidable, no matter how clean we are. And the first time I ever saw one was when I first moved here and one RAN ACROSS MY BARE FOOT AND I FELT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF ITS LEGS AND UGHHGHHHHHGHGHGHGH. Joel is usually on cockroach despatch detail. But he wasn’t home, and wouldn’t be for a while.

I had two thoughts, after I shrieked: I could let the roach go, and possibly run into him later that night; or put a pair of shoes on and “take care of it.” Which I did. I chased him down and stomped him.

I cleaned up the lamps, I squished the roach, I did some writing, I made some dinner, I was victorious.

But I’m still sunburned AF.

Can’t win ’em all.

More breaking news as it comes in.

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