Hot enough for ya?

So, we’re in the meat of summer.

It’s muggy and it’s damp and it’s the time of year where two cold showers a day become a necessity. And even though we don’t have air con in our apartment, we’re pretty lucky to now live in one the middle floors, in a space shaded by trees and built with a pretty decent cross breeze – as opposed to our apartment in Balmain, which faced the sun, had NO shade, and absolutely broiled in the afternoons.


And normally, it’s always better at night, once the sun goes down. The temps lower to something bearable, and the humidity drops too. We sleep with our bedroom balcony door open and when we wake up, it doesn’t feel too much like death.

Except for last night. Last night was the hottest night recorded in the last 159 years. In fact, as the sun went down, the temperature ROSE 5* to 33-34*C in some parts of Sydney. WEATHER, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU BEHAVE. And there was no breeze. We were damn near suffocating, even with the door open, both fans on high, and every blanket stripped off the bed. I woke up so many times to just lie on the cold bathroom floor. And this morning, I felt like salt from my sweat dried on my skin, my PJ top was stuck to me, and the unhealed parts of my sun burn were pretty much on fire.

And the rest of the day was pretty much the same. Hot, hot, hot. I made the mistake of going grocery shopping and came back drenched in sweat.

So all you East Coasters back in the States – enjoy your ice storm. I hate you.

But on the upside, the temps have started to cool down as the sun has set – like it’s SUPPOSED TO! so we got to eat amazeballs hamburgers a la chef Joel outside.



And fingers crossed, it’s supposed to rain ALL DAY tomorrow. All the crossable crossables crossed.

Also – this is unrelated to the ridiculously hot temps, but how adorable is this tiny grater? Our neighbors were moving and having a yard sale, and I got this little guy for $.50. Now we can get our zest on.

One should always match their kitchen utensils to their nail colour.

If you need me, I’ll be sitting here in front of the fan counting down the days til April.

One thought on “Hot enough for ya?

  1. That cute grater nailed this post. Haha. Well, we’re nearly close in temps . In Saudi Arabia, at the peak of summer, temp. Rise to 40+. Hello, sun. Haha

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