Hodge Podge – Wednesday

1 – After another night of broiling temps waking us up every few hours, and walking into work looking like I’d run a marathon (how does it get so sweaty at 8AM?!) I walked out of the office today and I had to put my cardigan back on. And now I’m wearing sweat pants. AND long sleeves. I am content.

That’s the good thing about Sydney summers – the unbearable heat doesn’t go for more than a week or two without some kind of cool front.

2 – Getting sun burnt might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I spent a week obsessively drinking water, exfoliating, and moisturising. And since I couldn’t wear pants, I had to wear skirts and dresses – which meant planning my outfits. So I’m now obsessed with drinking water and skin care. And showering + outfit planning means I’ve been looking less like a hobo at work.

Also, I’m happy to report that I’m about 95% healed – there are few scabby bits on my feet left, and my back got a little sore one night when I over-scrubbed it, but otherwise, things are looking up. Like, this is the first time I’ve worn pants in a week. So hey. Hopefully in a few weeks all the random streaks and stripes will fade and stop looking like dirt tracks.

my foot tan brings all the boys to the yard

I’ll spare you all the fun stories about peeling massive sheets of skin off various parts of me. Dermatology is gross (I mean, amazing)

3 – My resolution to not be a dick to myself is going v well. My secret resolution to obsessively track my routines/habits/eating/spending is also going v well – I mean, 18 days in and I haven’t missed a day of bullet journaling or budget sheet balancing or dinner booking. More on that later (if I stick to, right?)

4 – WRITING. I struck a mojo gold mine while watching Babies Behind Bars. Feels good. More on that later.

5 – My new favourite pantry meal is Joel’s sautéed vegetables with spiced cous cous cooked in vegetable stock. He puts it together in about 20 minutes. It’s so simple. But it’s filling and hella delicious. I tried to make it last week and it was shit, but Chef Joel got that magic touch.

Good on it’s own, or as a side – seen here with Joel’s famous breaded pork chop and homemade gravy. I want to eat this meal every day.

More breaking news at 11.


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