Feels good, man.

March has kicked off on a good note.

I was walking to my Wednesday night writer’s group, which is about 10 minutes away from the clinic where I work, and I realised I didn’t grab a notebook before I left. And my laptop was at home. Crap. I was already vacillating between going to group with a notebook and pen and crushing 2 hours old school (ie. spend 2 hours staring worriedly at a piece of paper), or going home and spending two hours crushing it in the privacy of my own apartment (ie. open lap top once, look at Gossip rags for 2 hours.), and having to spend money I didn’t have on a notebook I didn’t need for a group I didn’t particularly want to go to just made me want to go home even more.

Somehow I managed to talk myself into buying a $1 composition book (and a $20 paper sample book because I have no self control) from a newsagent and I continued on to the pub, triumphant in my decision to sit down with pen and paper and work out the nuts and bolts of my new story. And before I knew it, I was on a bus, headed home. We never said resolve was my strong suit.

At home, I was (as predicted) distracted by EVERYTHING. Stuff that needed put away. Rubbish to take out. Dinner. Netflix. I made some beans and toast and sat down with my new $1 notebook, full of nerves that I wouldn’t know what to write and that my distractions would win out.

And then something magical happened. I decided to write a list of elements I needed for my story, tools to make the story work. Once I made the list I started brain storming. Once I started writing down the brain storms, it POURED out of me. I filled pages with ideas. I nailed down the overall plot, fine tuned some ideas, worked out the nuts and bolts and put it all together. And it felt fucking INSPIRING. I worked for almost 3 hours without coming up for air. I was on fire. 

On Saturday, I woke up early. It was raining. I had another writer’s group to attend that afternoon, one I hadn’t been to before. Once again, I was hemming and hawing about going. Oh but it’s raining and I have to walk. Oh but it’s Saturday. Oh but I can write at home – I did it on Wednesday! Finally, Joel convinced me to go. I decided to bring my laptop and my $1 POWER notebook, and see if I could make lightening strike twice.

I stressed on the walk up there, wondering if I would know what to write about. In fact, I spent 20 minutes at the new group flitting between half baked pieces stored in my documents, wondering what the hell I could write. After all, 98% of my issue with writing is staring at a blank document and stressing about where to start, what to say first, what to say at all. The other 2% is fear. But that’s a whole other blog. But then I started typing. And once I started, it was easy to keep going. I wrote some narratives and kept running notes in my NOTEBOOK OF POWER. I worked for two hours and once again, it felt INSPIRING!


And in the strangest turn of events, I woke up this morning with a desire to sit down at the desk and do it all again.

Feels good, man. Maybe all this productivity is leading up to something.

*Fingers crossed*



3 thoughts on “Feels good, man.

  1. “His name was Owen…..”. “The night was moist”. “I was working late in my office on the ninth floor of the Acme building when SHE walked in….”

    Dand, this story just writes itself!

  2. Good going on the productivity! Also I have no self control when it comes to buying notebooks either. I think the reason I became a writer is so I can justify all the notebooks I have

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