So here we are, at the near-end of another month, with another catch-up post. But there’s actually not a lot to catch up on, because I’ve spent most of this month brain dead and trapped inside a leaky apartment. 

HEALTH The month started off all well and good! The two weeks after surgery went much better than I was expecting, until my last Friday off before going back to work on Tuesday. I started feeling off, but I chalked it up to “wanna stay on paid holiday” blues. On Saturday I woke up with the flu, and spent the rest of the day uncomfortable no matter what I did, alternating between freezing to death and sweating. I kept taking my temperature, but it only said 36* (my reasoning, well in Fahrenheit, 99-100 is a fever, and it’s not 100* until it’s like 38* and I won’t confirm this with Google because I am right and even though I have every symptom of one I am not running a fever. Turns out I was wrong). And on Saturday night, I was sweating so bad I soaked my clothes and the sheets, it was so bad it woke Joel up. When I woke up on Sunday, it was more of the same. So I made a doctor’s appointment, fearing the worst, and getting all kinds of worked up. By the time my appointment rolled around, I was a sweaty, wide-eyed mess, covered in goose bumps.

Once the doc was convinced I wasn’t fishing for pain meds, he took my temperature, 37.9* (“yes, anything over 35* is a temperature.” whoops). He also took my blood pressure and pulse, which was something ridiculous like 134, which is insane because the best thing I inherited from my dad is perfect blood pressure, that rarely ever waivers. So he took me to a cold room and had me lie down, and my pulse dropped back almost immediately to 110. Still high, but less scary. We talked about viruses and anxiety and how I needed to calm down and rest, how the fever could make my anxiety worse and how anxiety could make my fever worse. So he gave a script for Ativan for emergency anxiety attacks, some deep breathing exercises, and a note to stay home for two more days.

And it’s a good thing he did, because I was useless. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a bug that just completely wiped me out. On Monday, it took all my energy to do one load of laundry. For two days I could barely get off the couch. My head hurt, my stomach hurt, and I watched almost every episode of Friends while waiting for my temperature to break. By that Thursday, I made it back to work – for four hours, then wiped out. I made it all of Friday, but just barely.

It took a week for the virus to completely move its way through my system, and once it did, I started my period. Which I didn’t think about so soon after surgery, because if I had thought about it, I would have skipped it. Because cramps on unhealed internal tissue: FUCK. The last week has been as bad as it ever was.

So THAT has been fun.

But on the plus side, I had my follow up with my gynecologist/surgeon, and there’s nothing scary or cancerous growing inside me, beyond the endometriosis. And he said if you’re going to have endometriosis, you’d want the kind I have – it’s easily managed with birth control and there’s not a high chance that it will grow back. SO HUZZAH for that! I’m considering getting a Mirena IUD to minimise how many periods I get, but I’m still researching it. In the mean time it’s been suggested I run through 3 months of the pill before I have another period. 2 months without a period? I’ll take it.

THE WALLS ARE We’ve found a rather shitty quirk to living in a cool, historic building: leaky walls. During the first two weeks of the month, we had heaps of rain. And what we thought was just a leak from the exposed pipe running along our wall was actually a series of leaks coming directly from the ceiling and the window in the corner where our desk sits. We’ve had to move everything away from the desk and move the desk away from the wall, so things are stacked upon stacks while we wait for Strata (think condo association) to get their act together and seal the ceiling.

It was extra fun to hear our intercom being buzzed at 6AM one Saturday morning from our (irate) neighbour who lives below us, who chose THEN to complain that his ceiling was leaking because ours was. WHO BUZZES AN APARTMENT AT 6AM ON A SATURDAY WHEN IT’S NOT AN EMERGENCY OR WHEN YOU AREN’T GIVING AWAY $1MILLION DOLLARS? The nerve of some people.

But on the plus side, in the middle of emailing our real estate company 5000x pictures of leaks, our agent told us we’d been approved for a (small) dog! Woo-hoo! Maybe Santa can visit the pound this year (hint, hint, Joel). Because there’s no point in getting one before we leave for… 6 more weeks until Japan! Shit, I’m so excited. No, we haven’t really planned what we want to do – besides see some ocean and go to every animal cafe. My friend Betty just came back from Tokyo where she went to a hedgehog cafe. She got to hold hedgehogs while she drank tea. I’m so down. Apart from that… I just want to see things. Joel and I kinda hate planning vacations. We’re best just going day to day, relaxing and doing whatever sounds good. If I wanted structured fun, I’d stay home and clean out my closet.

It’s going to be insanely hot while we’re there, so I’m planning on packing very light. But I don’t know how to pack light. I only took a back pack to Oktoberfest in Munich and I still packed too much shit I didn’t need. I’m a chronic over-packed. So stay tuned for the perils of packing.

Joel is watching a video on Youtube right now called “What Not to do in Japan,” and the first three rules revolve around not being loud and obnoxious in public. I feel like this is geared toward Americans. I went rosy pink with my hair! I thought it was going to be more red, but it turned out a gorgeous shade of pink but not pink. I had a slight panic at the sight of it, since I’ve never gone this colour before, but throughout the day it grew on me. And now I freaking love it.

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)

And work didn’t have a cow over it, so bonus! I saw this last weekend. Holy shit, I loved it. I’ve fallen asleep during every comic movie since Spider Man 3, so the fact that I not only stayed awake, but stayed at the edge of my seat, was a bonus. There were only a couple cringe worthy parts, but otherwise all around good-beat-you-over-the-head-with-pro-woman-themes times. It was so filled with estrogen that my period started 4 days early while I was watching it. (I’m serious) I’m trying, ok? It was hard while I was sick and getting back to work. But hey, I forced myself to blog tonight when I really just wanted to eat cookies in bed, so I’m winning.


Hope everyone has had a more exciting (and healthy) June!

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  1. How to sum up our June? We went to the beach, bought a new HVAC ($$$) and wished like hell we could’ve been in Australia with chicken soup and sprite and a copy of stepmom…..

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