Hello, goodbye: 2017

And here we are, at the end of 2017.

I could focus on the bad shit — Trump, loss, depression, not becoming obscenely rich — but I’ll focus on the positive. 2017 was a year for:

  • More habiting –  I kept a bullet journal, budget sheet, and dinner diary for the entire year (given a few bumps here and there where I was on holiday or didn’t have time to sit down and remember what I did the week before (because I probably did nothing) I give myself a 90% for full completion.)
  • More writing – yeah, I didn’t do nearly as well as I wanted to do, but I did something. And I got back into a rhythm a few times. And I won an essay contest, and another blog republished an old essay. All that counts major.
  • More travelling – FINALLY got to go on a real, non-staycation holiday, in Tokyo. Loved it. Want to go back. Also made it to the Blue Mountains, and a few beach trips. Going to the States next fall. So excited.
  • More doing – I got off the couch and into the real world a lot more this year. It was at times, excruciating, but 99.9% always worth it in the end. Also coloured my hair pink. Was nice.
  • More self care – continued therapy even though my counsellor left for another career. Became way more assertive and honest, which was surprisingly easy once I started. Finally had my endometriosis surgery, and within a month I saw improvement.
  • More movies – saw SO MANY movies IN the cinema this year. I feel reborn.
  • More obligations – adopted sweet baby Pancake. Have to restrain from doing nothing but taking pictures of her sleeping. Also bought a car from Rob, and we will become road warriors this year.
  • More Joel – Absolute dream boat. +10, would move to Australia again for.

And in no particular order, here’s what it looked like:

Cheers to the end of 2017, and the future of 2018.
Let’s hope Trump is impeached and global warming is recognised and women’s rights are restored and globally, everyone has a better go of things.



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