ah, haha. September. It feels like I was just writing “I can’t believe it’s July!”

In four years, this blog has evolved from what cool new things are happening to me in my life in Australia to a “holy crap time has passed and I’m still surprised” post followed by 6 weeks of silence. So, if you’re still following this, thanks for hanging in there (hi mom!).

SO, August was pretty sweet. And July. And June, for the most part. We’ve had a pretty solid winter in this hemisphere.

Aussie-versary – Four whole years today 🙂 It feels like one year and 500 years at the same time. We celebrated by doing exactly nothing Australian. But I did get my back adjusted by my physio and it was covered by my universal health care, so that was pretty Australian. – Over the last 5ish months, we’ve upgraded our bedroom, lounge, and dining area. We’ve also trimmed hella fat around the apartment. I made a huge dent in my closet, and it’s slowwwwly becoming only full of things I want to wear. – I turned 34 on August 13. I am getting very old. But the birthday weekend was tops. Joel organised a surprise birthday dinner with our friends on Friday, on Saturday I had a hair appointment and we got our furniture delivery, on Sunday we had another dinner party, and I had Monday off from work. I got some sweet presents, and it was basically the best I could have asked for. – a lot of writing, cooking, and general productive but not productive bullshit happening around here, guys. – 25 more days until we’re State-side for 5 weeks! Excitement is an understatement of the flippin’ year, you guys. This vacation holiday getaway is long, long overdue.

Alright guys, I promise (really promise this time) to go over all this and more this week. I’m going to try this thing where I read a whole book and keep up with blogging and see if it improves my outlook on life.



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