USA: 1 Second Everyday

We’re baaaaack!

35 days, 6 states, 3 seasons, 2 vicious bouts of jet lag, and only 4 hangovers.

I’m still going through photos, but for now, here’s the 1 Second Everyday flick I put together. In true Audrey style, there are multiple seconds per day, because I hate making decisions.

And as I was loading all the videos, I kept thinking, “shit, I missed that, and that, and that,” and getting annoyed, because I seemed to not film some great moments on the trip. But, I didn’t catch some moments because I wasĀ being an actual person and engaging with other actual people, making memories, and I wasn’t glued to my phone.Ā And thinking about that, I’m totally ok with the shit I missed.

So enjoy the smattering (and no where near comprehensive) of seconds from our trip. Tune in this week for Part 1 of PARTY IN THE USA

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