Hello, Goodbye: 2018

What a freakin’ year!

Compared to last year, shit felt pretty quiet. But really – it’s been a year of tremendous growth, awesome achievements, and fantastic travel. Ain’t too shabby!

  • started a new job
  • got my permanent resident visa
  • worked very hard in therapy, made many a revelation about myself and changes I need to make
  • started chipping away at and breaking bad habits
  • celebrated our 5 year anniversary ❤
  • wrote less, but wrote better quality
  • got out more
  • went to The States, saw and hugged almost all my family members, and nearly all of my best friends
  • learned how to lean into the skid
  • read more
  • maintained a savings account of more than $5
  • lost some good people
  • made solid plans about our future

The difference in how I feel now compared to how I felt on December 31 2017 is incredible. I know I posted less on here, and that’s because I was caught up working through my shit – which is a lot more personal, and a lot less “working on my shit” hustle and bustle that I usually feel comfortable about posting. There were down days, there were up days, and there were a lot of mundane days. But, owing to the afore mentioned tremendous personal growth, and hard work on getting through the shit, ultimately, I feel like we’re going into 2019 with our shields up, ready to continue breaking through to a goddamn fantastic future.

And with that, let’s look back on the year that was!


Thanks for everything, 2018! I can’t wait to carry on with this good momentum, to help others, to write more, to be more available, to bake more, to be open to challenges and changes.

And to FINALLY watch Game of Thrones again. This has been a hard, Tyrion-less year for camp Audpodge.

I love you all, thanks for reading and coming along! And I wish all of you all the best in 2019.