It hasn’t been a good week for me, in terms of media.

On Sunday, we saw the re-make of Pet Sematary

This trailer came out right after we came back from The States, and since we were already in Stephen King Power Mode, we got super excited. The 1989 movie is scary, and the book is so good. And this trailer looked hella promising – maybe they’d take more of a cult twist or go into more of the history of the burial ground. And the kids in the creepy masks? YEAH. I was down, 100%.

The face that made you afraid to keep your achilles heel exposed

The reality, however, is I wish they hadn’t bothered. There were a few good jump scares, but the re-imagined story just wasn’t scary. John Lithgow had big shoes to fill as Judd Crane, and I love John Lithgow and was hoping he’d bring that season 4 Dexter energy to the movie, but alas. The new villain was too chatty and it squashed the suspense. The kids in masks were on screen for about 3 seconds. And the end was a let down. The most unsettling part of this movie was that the 2019 version of Church looked just like Pancake when she gets all scruffy and mad at us.

came home and promptly overfed the cat so she won’t trick us into getting hit by a semi-truck

So yeah, that was a bummer. More so that it cost $40 in movie tickets to be that disappointed.

And today, I finished reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.


It’s a 3 book series that starts out awesome – a mathematician/writer who gets wormed into ghost writing a novel about a strange fantasy world so it can win a book prize, as it was written by a strange 17 year old girl who’s escaped from a fiendish religious cult – while at the same time a lady assassin is hired to kill the head of the fiendish religious cult the 17 year old just escaped from. As a result of doing something dangerous, both the writer guy and lady assassin (who were classmates when they were 10 years old) find themselves in an alternate dimension that has two moons. And through increasingly bizarre and creepy turns, they realise they both can’t survive in this new world unless they find each other. But they haven’t spoken in 20 years, have no idea where the other one is, and are both being watched and hunted by members of the fiendish religious cult.

My copy is a paperback that’s all 3 books in 1, so it’s 1,318 page chonker of a book. I started the first book in January, didn’t read it for a few weeks when I had the flu, finished the second book in February, took a week off here and there in March, and finally finished the third book today. And let me tell you – that I felt womp womp wommmmmmp about the ending is an understatement.

I should have seen it coming when I there were only 10 pages left and he hadn’t resolved 3 or 4 of the big plot lines I was hoping for. So I thought, maybe the ending is going to be devastating and haunting like his books normally are. Nope. The ending is so incredibly dull. The first 2 books and like 2/3 of the third book are just nothing but build up that keep you wanting to know more, MORE, MOOOORE. The suspense keeps ramping up, and then it just… ends. And you throw the book on the ground feeling flaccid and annoyed that you spent 4 months reading and getting invested in and lugging that seemingly 10lb book around in your bag.

So yeah, not my favourite. But hey, at least I finished it!


Tomorrow, however – is another day.

I have a few quick read books to start that’ll cleanse my pallet. And tomorrow, we’re seeing Clerks on screen at my favourite movie theatre in Sydney. SO EXCITED!


One thought on “Disappointments

  1. Read The Light Between the Oceans!!
    And thank you, now I don’t need to see Pet Semetary!! And I’m sending treats for Pancake just in case!!

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