Here we are again – winter edition!

Game of Thrones has ended (unquestionably conflicted).
The season has changed (unquestionably cold).
Work is busy (unquestionably busy).
Sickness is rampant (unquestionably lame: food sickness, cold, flu).

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


There are some good things happening around Camp Audpodge –

  1. I’ve learned how to successfully live within a budget
  2. I’ve been writing (!!)
  3. I learned how to live without dairy (for a whole week!)
  4. My too-short hair grew out into just perfect hair
  5. Joel and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary
  6. I became eligible for Australian citizenship
  7. My sister got engaged!

May has basically been a re-charge month. I think I was out in public for something other than work or the grocery store (ie. being social) exactly once. There was a lot of resting and reading and re-watching all of Game of Thrones and not blogging.We did see the Pokemon Detective movie, tho; and ate our respective weights in comfort food and took more naps than we’ve ever had before (yay, exhaustion); and I had a guided tour of my uterus (no more cervical polyps!) so there’s that. And as we’ve been trying to rid our bodies of the plague that binds us (the cold germs we’ve been picking up from the vectors at work are no joke this year), and filling the Westeros sized holes in our hearts, I’ve been hit with some random burst of inspirado and I’ve written 13 pages of an original story. I can’t remember the last time I’ve written that much.

And here’s a very light-smattering of what it looked like:


So far though, June is off to a good start: I ate so many dumplings at Din Tai Fung that I was in a food coma for 4 hours, and we just watched the first episode of Chernobyl. 

If you need me, I’ll be buying iodine tablets and preparing a bug out bag.

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