Star Wars: Identities

We finally made it to the Powerhouse Museum for the Star Wars Identities exhibit! I’m pretty sure it’s been open for the last 6 months. And every week for the last 6 months we’ve been like, “Oh hey let’s see Star Wars!” and every weekend passed without us going. Until this weekend, which coincidentally was its final weekend. Nothing thrills us like a deadline, so on Sunday we booked tickets and headed out.

It was really cool – the exhibit was 10 interactive modules where you customised your own Star Wars character by choosing what happens to them from birth to adulthood. It was based on the stories of Anakin and Luke Skywalker – two Force friendly heroes who grew up poor and fatherless on Tatooine, and how the choices they made led them down different paths. Each choice you made for your character was recorded on a digital wrist band, and at the end your information was downloaded and you were presented with your fleshed out character. In between the modules, you got to see heaps of original props, costumes, story boards, and concept art for the movies.

I ate that shit up.

It was dark and crowded with mostly underwhelmed kids and their overwhelmed parents and Very Serious Star Wars fans standing RIGHT in front of the props dissecting each and every atom of the display, so it was a little stressful, but it still heaps of fun. And because it was dark and crowded, I felt super self conscious while taking pictures. So here’s a smattering of not very good photos:


I wanted to name my character Snoop, but the afore mentioned monitor advanced without my consent. But you can see my home of Endor; Leia, my mentor; my ship crash; my force abilities; my bounty hunter job; my sex (thanks for the chesty armour plate); although you can’t see my years as a desert orator, and notably – you can’t see my parents BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T THERE. Snoo is a little dysfunctional by this.


Joel’s glitch named character was Qui Tg, a Mon Calamari bounty hunter from Dagobah, who trained with Boba Fett. He’s a world-class fighter pilot who is strong with the force and whose parents were very supportive. I guess you have to stick together if you grow up in a swamp.



Much fun was had. And on a fun, sentimental note, it was cute to go back to the place where Joel and I had our first “date” waaaaay back in the day. He was horribly sick that day but powered through it so we could hang out (awwww). And in History Repeats Itself for $500, Joel was once again pretty unwell but powered through so we could hang out.

❤ him

On the way home, we took The Goods Line, which is like The High Line in Brooklyn, but like, not.



I promptly came home and started Googling when the next Star Wars movie is coming out.

The answer: NOT SOON ENOUGH.

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