I’ve been dying for a rainy day during my time off. Why? Because there are few things better than waking up to a torrential downpour and feeling that warm, slow, smug realisation of “Hey – I don’t have to go anywhere or do shit today.” Continue reading “Affirmations”

In the Name of Lamps

Around 6:30 on Friday night, it started to rain. And it has barely let up since. Besides getting so soaked on Friday night that my Chucks still aren’t dry, it’s been fantastic.

Joel was shooting all weekend, so I thought I would be stuck to the couch, reading and catching up on shitty TV as kept my fingers crossed that our balcony door didn’t leak again. I slept in a bit on Saturday morning, warmed up all my clothes in the dryer for 25 mins (I’m pretty sure this is the closest I’ll ever get to being back in the womb – that 3-5 minutes of intense, soft warmth is so worth it.), made coffee, and burrowed into the couch to re-watch Game of Thrones. Changed my mind to Dance Moms. Changed my mind to Mad Men. Changed my mind to Teen Mom 2. Changed my mind to Downtown Abbey. And finally I was all SILVER STALLION! It took me 30 mins to figure out what to waste my precious weekend and brain cells on, but I finally did it. Also, as you can clearly see that I have no middle ground when it comes to TV – it’s shit, or it’s amazing.

I was looking forward to some serious couch time. I even had a stack of books ready to go. But, as I finished my coffee, and was about half-way through The Silver Stallion, I got hit by a wave of restlessness – which I was hoping wouldn’t happen. I’ve been feeling better in terms of anxiety, but I’ve still had my moments where I feel it edging up to me. And I feel it mostly when I’m sitting around and supposed to be doing nothing. And my go-to coping mechanism is cleaning, deep cleaning, and obsessively rearranging. Call me Monica.

The dishes were done, the counter tops deep scrubbed, fridge cleaned out, rubbish sorted, clothes put away, bathroom cleaned, and I was thiiiiis close to vacuuming and dusting. And then I decided to brave the wind and rain because I really needed a lamp for my bedroom. And a pair of sweat pants that didn’t fall down each time I stood up. With the mantra of Treat Yo’self running through my head, I bundled up and made the trek to the mall.  I was drenched when I got home, with a giant bag of groceries, homewares, and a lamp. But I was pretty happy with the results:

Yay, I can read in bed now!
I also picked up a little basket for my books – and I like how the wire almost camouflages the sea of power cords.
I also bought some fruit and veg baskets, since our fruit and veg drawer is actually a film drawer.


I haven’t had a bedside lamp since I moved to Australia. It hasn’t been too high on the priority list because Joel had one, we had over head lighting, and to be honest – I’ve never bought a lamp before, beyond big paper lanterns. Lamps are things that always materialised from family members or roommates and I’ve never had to go out of my way to buy one. It felt strangely adult/First World Problem to consider each lamp and how it’d look in the room. But in the end I went with the cheapest one. And I didn’t expect Joel to care too much about the lamp either – he already had one, and lamps aren’t a big deal to him. But I finally got to hear the words I’ve been longing to hear – “I don’t usually like it when you buy baskets, but that basket is nice. I want one.” And smug Audrey felt exceptionally smug.

This morning I woke up a bit earlier, determined to enjoy the rain from my bed nest – complete with new lamp and an extra blanket from the couch – and half-way through my coffee and Dance Moms, the restless bug hit again. So I bundled up again and faced the elements for another round of lamp and basket shopping. This time I wasn’t as lucky – I was soaked by the time I got to K-Mart, and absolutely drenched from tip to toe when I got home. My umbrella was turned inside out by blowing wind so much that it’s basically broken. And it’s been 11 hours and my boots are still wet. Apparently between Saturday night and Sunday morning the weather changed from rain showers to full on cyclone. But the matching lamps and baskets are pretty awesome, so it was worth it:

dscf4760 (1)

So I might develop pneumonia for the sake of obsessive homewares acquirement, and I’m pretty much fine with that, because I’ve always figured that would happen to me.

Tune in next time, when I risk life and limb for an area rug or pastel, geometrically designed candle holder.

Oh yes – new sweat pants. Fo’sho.


Storm days!

This past week, Sydney had some ridiculous thunderstorms.


Thanks to a perfect storm (heh) of weather conditions, our region went through a cavalcade of weather fun–gale force winds, hail, floods, and even snow in parts of the Blue Mountains. It was intense. They Sydney Morning Herald called it a once in a century event, and the news coverage reminded me of the 2012 Derecho that hit parts of the states. Like the Derecho, the super storm caused massive power outages, property damages and flooded subway trains.


Fortunately for us, though, Balmain wasn’t hit too hard. In fact, we watched the storm roll in on Monday night (amidst my own anxiety attack storm), and we had a good time. When I was younger, thunderstorms would turn me into a frightened puppy. I assumed every storm would turn into a tornado and kill me–the natural assumption for someone who has never been in a tornado. But I was raised by parents who grew up in Tornado Alley. And I did watch Twister a million times when I was 12. At some point though, I fell in love with thunderstorms. I get excited when the wind picks up, when I see thunder heads and when the temperature drops. That smell of impending rain, right? So good.

The storm rolls in...
The storm rolls in…


The clouds get darker...
The clouds get darker…


The winds picked up and the rain started, so I retreated inside.
The winds picked up and the rain started, so I retreated inside.
First rain drops!
First rain drops!
Joel catches lightening
Joel catches lightening
He caught it!
He caught it!
poor balcony furniture..
poor balcony furniture.. at this point, we were pressed up against the glass like little kids.
So dark
So dark.
And suddenly, it cleared up. And the clouds gave way to a lovely colored sky. I couldn't do the sky justice with my camera. It was entirely bright orange, and beautiful.
And suddenly, it cleared up. And the clouds gave way to a lovely colored sky. I couldn’t do the sky justice with my camera. It was entirely bright orange, and beautiful.


Ahhhh :)
Ahhhh 🙂

Such good storm.

Added bonus: the storms gave us super cool temps, and I got to pretend like it was October in Virginia for a bit. Thanks, storm!