Back in the Habit

A few weeks ago, I fell into a massive black hole of suck. I’ve had down days here and there, but this was the first time in really long time that I was scraping the bottom of the emotional barrel for no discernible reason. It was the kind of bad that made me bribe myself with take away coffee and overpriced pastries in order to get myself to go work. And once I got home, I could not pry myself off the couch. Continue reading “Back in the Habit”

So What and Table Scraps

So what, it’s been a bad week. So what, I’ve been grumpy since 6 AM on Monday morning. So what, I got frustrating news about my background check. So what, I’m broke. So what, I was supposed to be paid today and it didn’t happen. So what, my Plan B for background check isn’t as convenient as I once thought. So what, that paycheck is spent before it hits my bank account. So what, I got out of work late and I’m sitting in bus traffic and I’ll be home so much later than I usually am. So what if almost everything I tried to do went wrong today.

So what. Shit happens. I’m so tired of feeding my sour over it mood by being in a shit frame of mind.

So, to emphasise the positive: in spite of being broke, Joel has managed to cobble together awesome dinners all week (I made dinner on Sunday and have been useless ever since). Despite of my grumpy/easily overwhelmed mood of unknown origins this week, I’ve been able to put my head down at work, and just grind shit out as people ask for it. And as a result, the time at work has zipped by quicker than usual. My background check is just a little more complicated and expensive — It’s not impossible. I had an appraisal at work and I got a rave review. I’m still sitting in bus traffic and I’ll be home super late, which sucks, but at least I’m not driving in it. And I get time to blog. So that’s nice. It takes me two buses to get home, I only had 1 ride on my bus pass, and my transport card is in the negative (see: supposed to be paid today), so I was worried about how I would get home. But the first bus had broken pass readers so I got a free ride, leaving my last ride on my bus pass for my second bus. Woo! Joel is awesome, and I’m very lucky. And it’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. And that means the weekend is nigh! Yes, sweet weekend. Come to me.

And now, I’m home. I’m in sweat pants. And I have a date with this lady:


while I wait for this guy:


Broke, grumpy, shit week or not, I have more blessings than burdens, and I have to remember that This too shall come to pass. And it always does.

But seriously, counting down the minutes til end of day Friday.