I’ve been doing really well this week at writing for a little bit every day, so I thought “I’m going to set aside Sunday to do nothing but write!” And as Sunday came around, I sat down with my laptop and BAM: no motivation. No ideas. I was very nearly about to force myself to just write something when Joel asked if I was going to bake the cookies I had sorta kinda thought about baking yesterday but didn’t. And suddenly the cookies became Priority One Must be DONE RIGHT NOW.

And I’m glad I dropped everything to make them, because they are the most delicious chocolate cookies ever. I’m going to post the recipes in a more detailed blog when I’ve made them absolutely perfect (Not the taste, because these are goddamn brilliant, but I need to work on the texture, baking times, getting fresher baking soda, and rolling them in to better shapes).

So here ya go, enjoy my procrasti-baking. And now, my procrasti-blogging.











Seriously, these cookies are so good – they’re worth blowing off your entire schedule.

Happy Sunday, folks!


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