Here we are again – winter edition!

Game of Thrones has ended (unquestionably conflicted).
The season has changed (unquestionably cold).
Work is busy (unquestionably busy).
Sickness is rampant (unquestionably lame: food sickness, cold, flu).

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Continue reading “”

Things I love

This Instax Wall 

IMG_3633 While I was at work on Tuesday, Joel printed out a bunch of Instax photos of our time together and hung them in the hallway leading to our bedroom. I smile everytime I walk past it. Especially at that ghetto gold wearing mean mug photo taken in 2013, which feels like a million years ago. We were devouring day old Olive Garden salad and listening to Juicy Jay when he took that photo. /hardcore

This Hoodie 

IMG_3632I have a serious love for lounge clothes. I walked past this hoodie at the ol’ Targèt back in the States more times than I can count, always wanting it, but putting it back because it just wasn’t *quite* what I wanted. Until one day, I bought it on impulse. The inside looks like terry cloth, so it feels like wearing a towel (which is awesome). It’s lightweight, and it looks vintage. The zipper has yet to stick and the fabric has yet to pull or pill. But, it’s an irreparably dingey creme color that doesn’t match much besides all my grey clothes, and the stripes make me look pregnant when zipped up.

I'm in my second trimester of butter gestation.
I’m in my second trimester of butter gestation.

Still, I kept it around because there is just something about it that makes me happy. But, in my ruthless clothes purge on Sunday, my motivation was to get rid of things I hung on to “because they made me happy”, but that I never wear. So I tossed this in the donate pile, figuring I’d find something better. When Joel saw it in the pile, he said, “but that’s your favorite hoodie!” And I thought about it. It is one of my go-to comfort pieces. Just because I don’t wear it out doesn’t mean I don’t wear it. I put it on and I’ve worn it all week. Joel says this hoodie is “Classic Audrey flavour.” And now I can never get rid of it. Way to save it from the reaping, Joel.

This Show

IMG_3635You know when you’re drunk, and you have a really deep, important, mind blowing conversation with someone and you wake up the next morning remembering only bits and pieces? Five years in, and every season premiere of Game of Thrones makes me feel the same way. No wonder the books have glossaries. But it’s still awesome.

This Sake Glass Filled with Pink Milk 

We just watched Fed Up, which let me know that I’m addicted to sugar. Which made me want to eat more sugar. Mmm. Processed Foods.

Joel bought this jar full of sake while he was in Japan. I know pink milk is basically the opposite of sake, but pink milk panda cup is the greatest.

What are you loving this week?