2017 in 10 mins, 12 seconds

One of the many things I (super surprisingly) stuck to last year was doing my 1 Second Everyday. Well mostly everyday. Pobody’s Nerfect. Also bonus points to the viewers who can pinpoint the exact moment we morphed into CAT PEOPLE.


I love this app. Speaking from the point of view of someone who is very sentimental, emotional, and who is constantly living with one foot in the past, this is perfect. It’s a live action time capsule that helps me look back and remember the exciting days, the very boring days, and I can kick myself for the stuff I didn’t film, so I get that nice daily requirement of guilt.

Make starting this app one of your goals this year — especially if you have kids or adorable pets. It’s way very much fun. It costs $8 now (yay for early adopting and getting it for free) but still, very much worth it.

+10, will do again.

1 Second Everyday

So, this app is pretty awesome. It’s taken me a while to figure out the tricks, and it’s taken me longer to figure out how to remind myself to take video everyday – which really is the hardest part if we’re being honest, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’m kicking myself for all the great moments I didn’t film, but hey – lessons learned.

Kinda totally loving this.


Also update: I wrote every day from Tuesday – Friday, took the weekend off, and wrote again today. #heckyes