June Gloom 

Ah, June.

What a shit house month. Here’s your catchup for June:

  • Sick
  • Moody
  • Sick
  • “Are you watching Dance Moms again?”
  • Moody
  • Sick
  • Salted pork roast
  • Sick and Moody
  • Sick
  • Moody

We managed to only leave the house for work and the grocery store for 3 straight weeks. And I managed to avoid major housework for almost 3 weeks as well. It’s been wild around here.

But surely it wasn’t all shit? You’re asking. And that’s true.

  • We watched season 3 of OITNB in one day, and even though it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, and once it was over was devastating because we had been waiting for just about ever for the new season to start, which is making me re-think binge watching, it was still exciting.
  • And Game of Thrones pulled a Wallace in The Wire and made me cry. My tears and my disappointment are my own fault–I assumed that HBO wouldn’t kill off my favorite character. Again. For the 6th time. #nevergonnalearn
  • I started my new job. And I’ve been there for a month now, so that feels promising.
  • My mom had a birthday! Yay mom!
  • We broke down and bought a dehumidifier, which sucked out about 3 liters of water from the air in our bedroom in just 5 hours. No Fucking wonder we were sick all month. Our bedroom is a rainforest.
  • New date to submit my visa application: July 30. Fingers crossed.
  • Woo, all marriage between consenting adults legalised in the states!
  • That scarf that I started during my staycation? I’ve finished it twice, and have taken it apart 3 times. I am currently half way through the 4th transformation and I’m sick of looking at it.
  • Winter started on the first of June. And the first week of June was COLD. Like, frozen wind and single digits temps. But, the rest of the month was in the high 50’s, low 60’s (*F), a bit rainy, but mostly sunny and warm… which is my perfect kind of winter. And maybe because I’m loving the cold weather, or because I had two summers in a row, but I’m not as shocked that I’m in the wrong season. During our summer, I would see pictures of snow and cold in the States, and I just could not comprehend that I was in summer when it was supposed to be winter. And now, I look at pictures of the States in the summer sunshine and 4th of July prep, and it doesn’t phase me. In fact, I’m shocked that it’s not winter in the States. Maybe I’m adjusting. Whee!
  • We saw the Stephen “Espo” Powers murals at Bondi Junction. We’re both fans of his, and it makes me happy to see his work around town. I have a soft spot for him because I’m a sucker for quirky romance and fonts. And puns. I’ve seen a few of his pieces in NYC, but it was super quick because we were driving or on a subway. SO it was awesome to actually look at them. After, we are breakfast at a diner. And it was perfect diner food. And it was the happiest we both had been all month. So glad the last weekend in June was killer. We needed it.
The little walk way where you find the murals.
The little walk way where you find the murals.
Espo has random murals throughout Philly and NYC, and painted a section of rowhouses in Baltimore, but I believe they've been torn down.
Espo has random murals throughout Philly and NYC, and painted a section of rowhouses in Baltimore, but I believe they’ve been torn down.

DSCF2010 DSCF2013

Winter coat! And I thought this day would never come...
Winter coat! And I thought this day would never come…

DSCF2018 DSCF2019 DSCF2021 DSCF2022 DSCF2026 DSCF2031


Annnnnd that’s about it.

I had a migraine that was pre-empted by fuzzy/blocked vision that was so bad, I was blind out of the left eye and partially out of my right for a good 15 minutes. I was terrified that I was actually going blind and that my retinas were detaching. But my first thought was, “oh no, what if this is the last picture I Instagram before I go blind?”

I’m really glad to know where my priorities lie.

Oh, and here’s your sunset report:



I woke up this morning, July 1, with a renewed sense of purpose and a reinvigorated feeling of life stirring in my bitter bones. Basically, July will be “start-over month.” And I’m looking forward to it.

Start as you mean to go on.

And by that, I mean, sick.

I woke up last Saturday with a sore throat and body aches, thinking aw fuck. Because of course, if I’m going to get sick, it’s going to be on the next to last day of my stay-cation, and not on the first day. And it didn’t get any better by Sunday. So I went to my first day at my new job feeling like garbage. And as the week progressed, so did the amount of times I blew my nose (more like caught my nose explosion in a tissue) or excused myself from meetings so I could have a coughing fit or fielded “wow, are you feeling ok?” questions. I saw a doctor on Thursday, who excused me from work on Friday, which happened to be the Friday before a 3 day weekend.


I emailed my doctor’s excuse to my new manger and promised her that I wasn’t just trying to get a 4 day weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more anxiety about calling out before.

So yeah, my first week of work wasn’t as awesome as I wanted it to be, primarily because of the throat and double ear infections in a cold building. And there are the typical first month stumblings of learning a new organization, new terms and lingo, new styles, new phones, new offices, new WHAT WILL I WEAR anxiety attacks in the morning. I also blame how perfectly awesome my week long stay-cation was. I had a really good time at home, but the single digits in my bank account are reminding me that it’s good to work.

I spent all of Friday literally balled up under 2 blankets, a jumper and a beanie, watching TV and knitting and waiting for medicine to take effect. And except for a brief jaunt to the grocery store on Saturday morning, I haven’t left the “resting” position. So all that, plus being on antibiotics for the last 3 days, my throat is very close to being back to normal, and besides a horrifyingly painful 2 hours when my ears wouldn’t pop yesterday (the trick that finally made them pop was chugging a glass of water with my head held back as far as possible), my ears feel better. So I’m taking today to prepare for this to be an awesome week at work.

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)

All was not lost! On my second mini-holiday, I finished my scarf, hated it, took it apart, and taught myself to purl; vaccumed and laundry’d; made peanut butter cookies and a batch of potato, leek, and bacon soup; and finished Downton Abbey (am I the only one who found the season finale a bit of a snore?) /domestic flex

And I’m planning on making cheeseburgers this week. Because I can’t tell you how badly I’ve been craving a delicious, greasy cheeseburger with a side of extra crispy fries. We need to get a small grill for the balcony. Burgers just taste better when they’re made with FIRE.

Here’s to a good week, everyone!