About AudPodge

Hi, my name is Audrey. Nice to meet you!

In August 2012, I made a completely reckless, absolutely impulse-driven, extremely fiscally un-wise, and SNAP! decision to visit my best friend in Australia. And as it so happened, that’s where I met Joel – the cheese to my pizza, the Chewie to my Han, the Hobbes to my Calvin, the light of my life.

After a year plus of long distance dating and one expensive trip for Joel to the States, we decided we couldn’t be apart any longer. So in September 2014, I uprooted from Virginia, USA and moved to Sydney, Australia to start our new life. And it proves time and time again to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.52.44 PM

This has been geographically, emotionally and financially the biggest move I’ve ever made, and I use this blog to document the transition from Stateside to “Down Unda” (/wince) – which mostly involves Googling “what’s the Australian equivalent for ____”, reminding myself to walk on the left side, and replacing my z’s with s’s. So follow along as this American awaits the outcome of her visa and navigates vegemite, right-side driving, learning to live without air conditioning (spoiler alert: it sucks), my Americans (spoiler alert: it really sucks), Netflix (it’s not so bad now that Australia has their own version), or my cat, Bill Purray (is it bad to miss your cat pal as much as you miss your human pals?)

more like Cat Nicholson.
seriously, he’s the best.


So check in for ex-pat anecdotes, pictures from travel adventures, news from the kitchen as I learn to cook, new fiction, and hopefully lots of pictures of wallabies.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, audrey

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