It’s been just about for-gd-ever since I did an honest to goodness catch up post, so strap yourselves in, guys, because here comes THE NEWS.


JOB – I am now working in the clinic of a mood disorders and depression research institute and it’s really awesome. I’m also learning more about psychiatry, suicidal tendencies, and treatment resistant mental illness which is right in my fascination wheel house. But also, better hours, better pay, and I’m not completely tapped out when I get home. I’m still too lazy to work out or be even marginally productive when I get home from work, but hey some things take longer to change.

WRITING – I got on a solid streak of writing 2-3 times a week until about mid-March, which I’m pumped about. My friend Josien and I have write club dates most Sundays via Skype where she keeps me on task. I’ve slacked off a bit the last couple weeks but I’m going to get back on track, I promise. I also have about 14 half-started blogs that I’m going to FINISH AND PUBLISH THIS MONTH GATDAMMIT

FAMILY – My mom’s dad passed away last month, after a hard and fast decline into dementia. We were all expecting it, but that didn’t make it any easier. It makes me think about how I don’t have any living grand parents. And then I think that my parents don’t have any living parents. And THEN I think that one day Joel and I won’t have any living parents. And then I just kinda crawl into a hole in the back of my head and stay there for a while. Nothing like mortality and the relentless, ever-marching force of time to put you in a good place.

VISA – Back in July, I learned that part two of my visa application would be due in two years. More importantly, I learned that there even was a part two of my visa application that I needed to turn in. Part two basically consists of EVERYTHING that was included in part one, just updated. Hoo-fucking-ray. So that means, two more notorised witness statements, two more “I love my partner” statements, another FBI background check, more evidence to prove we are (still) a real couple. I’m on track to having everything done by the end of the month, so as soon as I get my FBI report, I can submit the whole thing. Trying to get my finger prints rolled to submit to the FBI so I can get the background report has been a super fun experience. There are maybe 2 or 3 police stations where you can get ink prints made. And I wasted a month trying to get into the station near our apartment, under the impression that they could take ink prints. /grumble. But the GREAT news is that once it’s submitted, and (hopefully!) approved, I’ll be granted my permanent residency, and alllllll this administrative awesomeness will be behind us. Forever. YAY!

TRIPS – Joel was sent to Chile for a week thanks to work, and I was beyond jealous. He got to tour mountains and vineyards and creepy little towns, and stayed in a very swanky hotel to boot. But he did bring back some kind of Chilean flu as a souvenir, so hey. We also booked our tickets to the US!! After 4 years away, Joel and I are making the treck back to my beloved home land. We’ll be there for the month of October, and I couldn’t be more excited. There will be family, weddings, seeing old friends, and taking a road trip up the east coast. Ah heck yes!

ON THE MOVE – Josien is moving back to Aruba next month, Casey moved to Italy this week for a year, and Eddy is off to the UK for an unknown amount of time. It seems like 2018 is the year for our friends ditching us. wommmp womp

SEASONS – Autumn started officially on March 1, but no one’s told Sydney yet. We’re still sweating through the afternoons, and we just had the hottest Easter weekend since like, 1905. Thanks to daylight savings time it’s now dark at 5:30PM, but we’re still sleeping with two fans. I’m counting down the days until gigantic sweater weather and coats and scarves.

PANCAKE – Our Lady Queen Dangle Foot Floof Pants is still the best. She’s my little shadow and Joel’s cuddle pal soul mate. And she chases down cockroaches and eats them, so I love her even more. Even if she is a little bit garbage can.

BOOKS – It’s already been a banner year, as I’ve read two books so far, and I’m a good way into a third. Thank you, new, longer commute!


I hope you’ve caught your breath from all the unrelenting excitement that was this post. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I conduct my sock inventory.

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