I’ve been dying for a rainy day during my time off. Why? Because there are few things better than waking up to a torrential downpour and feeling that warm, slow, smug realisation of “Hey – I don’t have to go anywhere or do shit today.” I love that feeling. I let it wash over me. All last week was beautiful, bright, chilly weather. Pretty, but not “cozy, stay inside and not feel bad about it” rainy. Yesterday though, it started to cloud up, and the weather forecast showed rain starting in the evening and not stopping for at least 5 days. And right on cue, the storms rolled in right as we went to bed. Ah heck yes.

Not so heck yes was waking up this rainy morning and finding a river of rain water running across our desk from the corner where the two walls meet. WHAT?! Fortunately, I got struck by a “re-organize everything” bug on Monday, because that corner is normally where our monitor and cubby holding all my hard drives and tablet and shit live. Even luckier, the river cut a path in between my hard drive and my camera, which I had forgotten to put away the night before. So thankfully, the only real damage was to my accordion file, which had a wet bottom and so a few of my important papers got wet. Thank goodness, nothing was ruined.

A few hours later, the river hadn’t returned, but there was a puddle canvassing the entire window sill above our desk.


That little trunk on the right hand side is a gift that my old therapist gave me before I moved to Sydney. It’s just a little chest filled with affirmations and positive quotes that she printed and cut up. During one of our sessions, she printed off a meme of someone wearing a horse head mask with the phrase “My past is behind me” typed underneath, and gave it to me. We got to talking about how cheesy motivational affirmations can be, and she got the idea to make me a box of “good” motivation. It was such a thoughtful gift, and when I saw the drowned box and my heart broke a little. I was worried that the little quotes would be soaked beyond repair. Angry, I cleaned the entire desk off and moved it out of the way of the offending wall.

Monday’s re-organising session = dismantled

Sure enough, the box was super wet, and all the pieces were stuck together. I carefully pulled them apart and left them out to dry. Only a couple fell apart, so I consider that a victory.

DSCF6541 (1)

As they were drying, I had an opportunity to re-read them. I haven’t looked through them in a few years, so it was like having a conversation with my old therapist. Which was nice. Reading through them made me feel better and a little inspired, when I haven’t been feeling very much either lately. So that was unexpected.






So yeah – our apartment walls are crying, and we don’t have enough towels to keep the carpet dry, and that sucks. But, we were incredibly fortunate that I had moved everything electronic earlier in the week (hooray for obessive needs to reorganize), and that the river amazingly missed both the hard drive and the camera. And it also gave me a chance to re-read my motivational quotes, which I should probably do more often.

Hey – positivity! It’s nice to see you again.

I hope everyone’s seen the bright side this Wednesday. ❤

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